• What to expect on test day?
    There will be an eye test You must be able to read (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) a car number plate from 20 metres. 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate The test will last 40 minutes and will involve 20 minutes of independent driving. 80% of tests involve independent driving using a sat nav 20% Using traffic signs or a series of directions or a combination of both Test nerves are completely normal. If your instructor has advised you to take your test then your ready. On the day of your test you'll take an hours lesson this will help calm test nerves and help you brush up just before your test. As time passes on your you'll become more comfortable and confident.
  • Should I be doing mock test and when?
    Mock tests should only be done when your ready for your test. A mock tests help you mimic a real test and can be very helpful dealing with nerves getting used to test condition.
  • How many lessons should I take a week?
    Depends on how quickly you learn. The more hours you take the quicker you'll learn and pass. Some people take 2 hour lesson a week some 4 hours, some 1 hour a week depends on your budget and availability. Our learners take on average 35 hours of driving lessons before passing their practical test. National average is 45 hours of driving lessons.
  • Will I fail my test if I get show me tell me questions wrong?
    No! Your allowed no more then 15 minors and 0 Major faults.
  • What the difference between a major and minor fault?
    Minor is a fault that isn't potentially dangerous

    Example: You haven't checked your mirrors before signalling but you've signalled in good time.

    Major Dangerous: An action that could result in putting you or examiner in danger

    Example: You've been asked to park in a safe place before moving off you haven't checked over your right shoulder and moved the examiner has intervened a stopped using dual controls. Because a car was coming.

    Serious You've parked in the yellow box blocking traffic

    Example: Before moving out you need to plan ahead and make sure before you move there's enough room in front of yellow box so you don't block traffic
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